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Calms nerve endings

Relaxes muscles

Combats joint stiffness

Reduce swelling, 

Help heal discoloration,  Treat nasty Bruises.

Double Infusion

All Natural

Plant Base

Water Base



Targeted relief, 

No harmful meds

Improves mobility


Non steroids

Free of Parabens, and Propylene glycol

Fast acting and deep penetrating pain


No dyes

Homeopathic Medicine

Fragrance Free

Cooling effect

Using a powerful blend of Hemp

Vegan and non-GMO

Supports relaxed state.

Eases Symptoms Associated with Neuralgia

Relieve Numbness, Burning, Tingling & Shooting Pain

Helps Reduce Inflammation

Fast Acting, Deep Penetrating Formula

Non-addictive, Topical Analgesic